5 Best Central-Back In English Premier League 2018/2019

5 Best Central-Back In English Premier League 2018/2019
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As the 2018/2019 English Premier League season is about to wind and thus this is the ideal time for us to evaluate the players’ overall performance all through the course of the last 8-9 months.

Even though the attackers, as well as the mid-fielders, get the most attention in previous years maybe because of their positions, this season is in a way different.

The defenders have at long last gotten the appropriate recognition they deserve. If perhaps things continue the manner they seem now, in that case, we could witness a defender winning the PFA Player of the Season, this will indeed be a huge accomplishment for all those who defend the backline of their various clubs from exposure to opponents.

In this article, we have now included defenders according to their consistency as well as the impact that they have had on their individual team’s performance this season. Most of these players started from a poor form this season and have was able to get over that this time around.

Therefore, without further ado, we have listed below the 5 best central-backs in the English Premier League this season 2018/2019:

5 Best Central-Back In English Premier League 2018/2019

1. Virgil Van Dijk: the Dutch superstar who probably have the most significant role to play in Liverpool FC title challenge this season

The Dutchman has been absolute best for Klopp’s side this season and also has become a strong leader, a person who has demonstrated the path for the team to go forward every time they have struck in a challenging, tough sort of situation.

5 Best Central-Back In English Premier League 2018/2019

Van Dijk’s presence has grown to become a lot more vital in the team. In tight matches, for example, the Merseyside derby as well as the games against Manchester United and Manchester City, he has been able to hold the backline all together while performing his job to flawlessness as well.

He is good in the air also, winning a rating of 4.7 aerial duels each match this season. Van Dijk averages 1.1 tackles however clears the ball on a rating of 5.3 occasions in every game, which is remarkable.

Also, the sense of composure and calmness that Van has brought to a notably weak Liverpool’s Defense ought to get a credit.

2. Aymeric Laporte. The first season for Aymeric Laporte was just about getting familiar with the tempo as well as the physicality of the League.

Aymeric Laporte has managed to keep players such as Nicolas Otamendi and also Vincent Kompany on the sidelines, hence leading to becoming the strong house from a defensive position for Guardiola’s side.

Laporte is an excellent reader of the game and also making sure that the ball stays at his feet as well.

5 Best Central-Back In English Premier League 2018/2019

Aymeric Laporte sense of positioning is fantastic as well, something that enables him to get to the ball faster compared to his opponents and thus keep the control of the ball, which is a significant aspect of Guardiola’s gameplay at Manchester City.

Also, He is an excellent passer of the ball, having recorded an accuracy of rating of 92.7% in the EPL this season.

3. Victor Lindelof. He had to put up with a terrible start to his EPL campaign last season. Lindelof he was culpable for 2 goals which they conceded from Huddersfield Town last season.

As it was more about him getting adapted to the nature of the English Premier League, He has finally exhibited what he is competent at this point around. Manchester United defense has long been a serious concern as they were unsuccessful at landing the right central-back last summer transfer.

5 Best Central-Back In English Premier League 2018/2019

Furthermore, players such as Phil Jones and also Marcos Rojo have barely been in shape to play for more games.

Technically, he is actually among the best central-backs one can possibly find. He is well-suited in playing either of right or the left side as well as being a pure leader, a person who takes the accountability of guiding his partner along with him also.

He is a mighty challenger, a focused man who senses real danger and is not scared to put his whole body at the line of the ball too put a stop to any threat.

His ball-playing capabilities incorporate a new dimension to Manchester United’s gameplay and also he has progressively become a vital part of the team. He registers a rating of 1.2 tackles along with a rating of 4.2 clearances each match and is unquestionably among the best in his position in the league at present.

4. Willy Boly He has strengthened Wolverhampton defense to perfection this season, and also his defensive qualities have shone perfectly.

First of all, arriving at the top-tier of English football, he shows no hints of rustiness as very early into this season Wolves has was able to contain the likes of the Manchester United and Manchester City. Wolverhampton greatest toughness is their defensive durability, and Boly is certainly to be acknowledged for that effort.

5 Best Central-Back In English Premier League 2018/2019

He is an extremely tough tackler as well as a level-headed man, a thing that enables him to really focus during the period of the game and even keep up the defensive shape owing to which Wolves have made such a reputation for themselves.

His game-awareness is first-class, something which enables him to get the balls and then proceed ahead with perfection.

Boly has scored 3 goals this season and records a rating of 2.4 tackles per game as well. Boly outperforms its rivals on a rating of 3.7 aerial duels per match also, and that shows just how well-covered every aspect of his entire gameplay is.

5. Harry Maguire had outstanding summer months where he was a crucial part of the English football team that got to the semifinals of the Russia 2018 World Cup. Thereafter, he was susceptible to strong speculation about his likely move to Manchester United.

Nevertheless, putting all these disruptions apart, Maguire remained at Leicester City and also shown his true worth to the club. He is confident with the ball at his feet, a characteristic (skill) which is often lacking from English defenders.

5 Best Central-Back In English Premier League 2018/2019

Furthermore, Maguire’s defensive capabilities should not be described either as he is a powerful tackler, a relaxed individual who recognizes when to confront the opposition for the ball as well as a dominant aerial threat as well.

The 26-years-old registers one tackle of rating 1.3 interceptions and also rating 4.8 clearances each game in the English Premier League this season.

He also has scored 3 goals and even wins 3 .8 aerial duels per game also. For his constantly remarkable performances, He requires a spot in this list.



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