The Footballers Who Lied About Their Real Age

The Footballers Who Lied About Their Real Age
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The Footballers Who Lied About Their Real Age…Being untruthful regarding your age is referred to as Age fraud. This is age fabrication in which fabricated certification about a person’s birth year is utilized to gain an advantage over oppositions or in order to obtain favor. Age frauds are very common in football. It is common among football players from underdeveloped nations with a poor database where proper records and also data are not readily verifiable. A lot of footballers have lied with regards to what their ages are.

They are doing so as to take part in youth tournaments, to gain an advantage against an opposing team and to obtain football contracts with their supposed young age. Age fraud is mostly rampant in Africa, Asia and of course South Americans because of lack of amenities and football academies, lots of this player are exposed to clubs between real ages of 25-35. They must lie for them to get a chance to play and get signed.

In this short article, you will discover footballers who lied with regards to their age. A lot of footballers undoubtedly have lied about their real age. Nevertheless, I will only write on individuals that were caught as well as did not deny the accusations.

The Four Footballers Who Lied With regards to Their Age

  1. Gourav Mukhi

He is an Indian footballer who lied with regards to his age. Gourav Mukh became the youngest player to score in the Indian Soccer League when he scored at the 16-years of age for his club Jamshedpur FC.

 Footballers Who Lied About Their Real Age


People suspected Mukhi wasn’t sincere mainly because just staring at him; you would notice that he was more mature. To cut Gourav story, he was grabbed and then labeled as an age cheat.

He was suspended for half a year (6month) by the All Indian Football Federation. Afterward, it was discovered that Gourav Mukh was 28 years of age rather than 16 years, so crazy.

  1. Tobie Mimboe

He retired as a completely happy Cameroonian footballer. In the course of his playing time, Tobie Mimboe played for various clubs in South America and also China.

He actually participated in 2 African Cup of Nations, between 1996 and even 1998.

Even so, he is still remembered for his countless birth certificates saga. In the 1996 African Cup of Nations, Tobie Mimboe made use of a birth certificate which showed he was given birth to in 1964, making him 31 years as of that time. After that in 1997, Tobie Mimboe signed up with Gençlerbirliği in the year 1997, and his birth credentials were reported as 30 June 1974, which makes him 23-years old then.

Footballers Who Lied About Their Real Age


That wasn’t all his sagas. In the next African Cup of Nations in the year 1998, Tobie Mimboe date of birth certificate carried 30 June 1970, i .e 28 years. Tobie Mimboe name is branded in the Best Sports Publications as the ‘Peter Pan’ of birth certificates because of his many sagas.

  1. Carlos Alberto

While Carlos Alberto was youthful, he picked up the FIFA World Youth Championship with Brazil in 2003 (Under 20). This was, later on, discovered that Carlos Alberto made use of a false document to declare that he was given birth to on 24 January 1983. Carlos Alberto was, in fact, given birth to on 24 January 1978, which means that Carlos Alberto was 25 years of age when Brazil won the competition.

 Footballers Who Lied About Their Real Age


Although his saga never really impacted his career negatively, he now plays for Joinville Esporte Clube he is a defensive midfielder.

  1. Ángel Cheme

He did not only lie about this age. He also did identity theft. The Ecuadorian player altered his name to Gonzalo Javier Chila Palma and then made use of that name for almost all of his career.

He stated that he was given birth to on 9 December 1984, and that permitted him to participate in youth tournaments and also age-restricted games for three years. It was later discovered that Gonzalo Chila was the original name of a footballer who was 3 years younger than Ángel Cheme was. They had met when both of them had football trials at a local club, and then Cheme stole his identity.

Footballers Who Lied About Their Real Age


In December 2010, Ángel Cheme was accused by the legitimate Gonzalo Chila, who afterward turned a pastor. The Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) looked into the accusations and discovered that Cheme was indeed born in the year 1981. Ángel Cheme was found guilty as well as suspended for a year.

With the arrival of Magnetic resonance imaging in the year 2009, it has made it easier to determine whether a player is telling the truth about his or her age or lying. Magnetic resonance imaging is reported to be 90% correct until the age of 17.


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