Things Football Officials Need To Do To Move Up the Officiating Ranks!!!

Football Officials
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A lot of officials, Mostly the younger officials, begin officiating football and hope to one day make it to a power 5 college conference or perhaps the NFL to conduct/officiate. After all, when they are beginning, they probably conduct pee-wee or College football and may take many years and promotions before they get an opportunity to be on a big stage. Let me walk you through 8 things football officials can do to improve their conducting or officiating ranks.

Football Officials

Things Football Officials Should Do

1. Prepare for yourself well against everything.
If you want to improve your ranks, you need to prove to your fellow officials that you know and care about what you are doing. Other officials are seeing you are serious about what you are doing, they are probably going to speak highly of you to supervisors, opening up new doors for you.

2. Always Perform very well.
This should be understood, still, yet officials need always to perform their job well. Every football official will make mistakes. Anybody can make a mistake, but try to ensure you are getting the easy calls and striving hard. Missing a judgment call is one thing, however missing a simple call is tougher for superiors to overlook to see your positives because they expect better.

3. Get to know others officials and make sure to build a good connection with them.
Networking is not just for the business world, It for everybody! If you are a football official looking to improve your ranks, the more people who know you, and think highly of you, the better. Many officials who have been in the field long before you may have relationships with people or supervisors where they will recommend you for a promotion.

4. Get in contact with supervisors.
Making sure you are always getting in touch with supervisors because it might help you to improve your rank, Supervisors are who will give you that opportunity. Make sure to build a great connection with them and try to let them get to know you.

5. Make sure you always visit clinics regularly.
Clinics aren’t only a great place to learn new skills to help you become a better official, but they are also prime networking spots. Make sure to use these clinics as places to showcase your talent and you might even get a chance to introduce yourself to supervisors in person.

6. Practice More and Improve.
Always pay attention to what other officials tell you and what you are learning at clinics. This will definitely improve you. After you take that new knowledge in, practice it. Then it will come naturally for you on the field.

7. Take as many opportunities as you can.
At times you may be offered to work on a game at a higher level, it may even be on the day of the game. Try to obtain that opportunity and accept it and perform well. Your performance will definitely impress other officials and supervisors letting them know you are ready for that level of football.

8. Always Keep track of what you do.
Always make sure you keep records of games you have conducted or officiated so far. Sometimes supervisors or someone might want to see games you have done, and it is always better to give them a list. It also shows you were prepared for this and show how serious you are and want to improve.

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